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Who we are

Welcome to Intuitive Soul, a health and wellness company led by two incredible women: a mother and daughter, both passionate about helping people on their personal development journey. With their vast experience in different fields, they are determined to create a nurturing and inspiring space for everyone to grow at all levels.

The daughter, a passionate dance artist, brings her love for movement and bodily expression to Intuitive Soul. Her mother, a holistic therapist, brings her sensitivity and wisdom to help people connect with their own intuition and inner wisdom.

Together, these two women have a clear vision for Intuitive Soul - to offer a wide range of opportunities for personal development, both for beginners and those who are already on their journey. They provide workshops, experiences, courses, retreats, and much more, to help people discover their true passion and life purpose.

At Intuitive Soul, they also strive to provide opportunities for new projects and artists, helping to create a vibrant and diverse community of people seeking growth and development together. They believe that personal development is an ongoing path and that everyone can benefit from being in a welcoming and supportive environment, where they can discover new possibilities and grow together.

We are excited to welcome you to Intuitive Soul and help you find your unique path on your personal development journey.

Join us to discover what is possible when you connect with your intuition, inner wisdom, and innate potential!

The Foundresses


Marta Pereira

Holistic Director

Marta Pereira is a certified therapist with over 28 years of experience in personal, holistic, therapeutic, and spiritual development. She is also the co-founder of Intuitive Soul by the Woman's Way, a company dedicated to helping people through various therapies, methodologies, and projects.


Marta began her career in psychosocial and artistic fields, where she developed therapeutic techniques for people with special educational needs and mental health issues. After starting her own business in Portugal, she discovered her true passion for working with women through personal and holistic development therapies.

Throughout her career, Marta has undergone intensive training in aesthetic and well-being therapies, holistic therapy, and various spiritual and energetic practices such as Reiki, tarot, astrology, numerology, systemic awareness, Bach flower remedies, sacred dance, and sacred feminine healing.

In recent years, Marta has focused her work on the Sacred Feminine, creating therapies and methodologies dedicated to women's empowerment and path. In 2018, Marta moved to the United Kingdom and worked as a spa and holistic therapist.


With her extensive experience and training, she continues to provide innovative solutions for individuals seeking balance and well-being in their lives.

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Raquel Pereira dos Santos 

Artistic Directior

Raquel is a dancer, physical theatre performer, and co-founder of the company Intuitive Soul by The Woman's Way.

Born in Porto, Portugal, she began her training in Classical Ballet and later attended Balleteatro Escola Profissional, where she completed a 3-year course in physical theatre and contemporary dance.

After spending a year traveling, performing, teaching, and choreographing in various initiatives, she decided to move to England, where she graduated with honors in Contemporary Dance from Bath Spa University.

Currently, Raquel is located in the southwest of England and continues to work on various projects and develop her artistic practice. She has also acquired knowledge in areas such as photography, digital marketing, creative writing, among others. She has started choreographing first dances and surprise performances for weddings as she has been learning new dance styles.

Throughout her journey, the holistic lifestyle has emerged as one of her great passions. In her artistic work, Raquel is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path of empowerment and healing.

Visit Raquel's website here.

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