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Intuitive Soul Dance

In-person workshops, UK

Intuitive Soul Dance

Regular Face-to-Face Workshops, UK

In today's society many of us live 'separate' from our bodies. There is an imaginary line that separates our mind from our physical body and this one becomes disconnected, thus becoming almost a robot. We use this robot to do basic everyday tasks like eating, bathing, walking, etc... and we leave the rest aside.

For example, how many of us feel embarrassed to dance in public at a party?

How many of us take our bodies for granted?

Have you ever thought about what you could really do if this wasn't the case?

Our body is our home, our vehicle of communication with the world. Knowing this, imagine what your life would be like if you consciously lived in your body...

If you explored it to its fullest potential?

If your body were loved, nurtured and cherished unconditionally?

Well, our Intuitive Dance workshops were created with the same purpose - to create a strong connection between body and mind - because only then can you really get to know yourself! Discover yourself through the power of movement! Live in the present, live complete, live empowered.

You Don´t Need To Be Trained In Dance!

"In all the years I've been dancing, I've never seen anything so powerful.

Movement helps with mental and physical health, and is one of the best ways to connect with your most evolved being.

The change I see in people who practice this type of dance is unbelievable."


- Raquel dos Santos (website)

Raquel (lead facilitator) has experience in dance therapy, biodance, somatic movement, creative dance, moving meditation and much more!


Are you ready to explore your fullest potential?

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