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Intuitive Soul's Office

Tarot & Oracle Reading

Private 60 minute session With Marta

Tarot & Oracle Reading
Tarot & Oracle Reading

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By Appointment

Intuitive Soul's Office, 6 King St, Frome BA11 1BH, Reino Unido

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Tarot and Oracle reading is a spiritual therapy that uses symbolic cards to gain insights and guidance on various aspects of life. This ancient practice is based on the intuitive interpretation of cards, which represent archetypes and universal energies.

During a Tarot and Oracle reading, an experienced therapist uses different decks to shuffle the cards and interpret their meanings according to the situation and the querent's questions. These cards reveal valuable information about the past, present, and possible futures, assisting in self-discovery and decision-making.

Tarot and Oracle readings offer a deeper understanding of challenges, opportunities, and potential paths to follow. They provide mental clarity, spiritual insights, and a greater understanding of the energies influencing your life.

This therapy is a collaborative process, where the therapist and the querent engage in an exchange of energies and information. The therapist provides guidance, but it is the querent who makes the final decisions and takes responsibility for their life.

Tarot and Oracle readings are suitable for people of all ages and can address matters related to love, career, health, spirituality, and more. They offer a unique and holistic perspective, helping to create greater balance and alignment with your life's purpose.

Be open to exploring the hidden messages in the cards and connecting with the ancestral wisdom they represent. Schedule a Tarot and Oracle reading and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The answers you seek may be closer than you imagine.


  • In Person

    +£1.93 service fee
  • Online

    +£1.65 service fee



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