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Intuitive Soul's Office

Intuitive Soul Reading (Akashic Records)

Private 90 Minute Session With Marta

Intuitive Soul Reading (Akashic Records)
Intuitive Soul Reading (Akashic Records)

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By Appointment

Intuitive Soul's Office, 6 King St, Frome BA11 1BH, Reino Unido

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Intuitive Soul Reading, also known as Akashic Records Reading, is a profound and transformative therapy that allows us to access the information and energies of our most authentic selves. It serves as a gateway to our inner wisdom, providing guidance and clarity on our life purpose, challenges, and potential paths to follow.

The Akashic Records are considered a cosmic library that holds all the experiences, emotions, and knowledge of our past, present, and future lives. Through Intuitive Soul Reading, the intuitive therapist opens these records, establishing a connection with our deepest essence and capturing relevant information for our personal growth and evolution.

During an Intuitive Soul Reading session, the therapist creates a sacred and nurturing space in which we feel comfortable and safe to explore our challenges, concerns, and aspirations. The therapist may employ various techniques such as meditation, visualization, and guiding questions to help us tune into our own inner wisdom.

By accessing the Akashic Records, Intuitive Soul Reading provides profound insights into the patterns and cycles that repeat in our lives, as well as the blocks and limiting beliefs that hinder the full expression of our potential. This therapy helps us understand the origin of these patterns and discover new perspectives and solutions to transcend limitations.

Moreover, Intuitive Soul Reading can guide us in the discovery and development of our unique talents and gifts, assisting us in aligning with our life purpose and living a more meaningful and authentic life.

It is important to emphasize that Intuitive Soul Reading is a collaborative process in which the therapist and the client engage in an exchange of energy and information. The therapist serves as a channel and facilitator, bringing forth the necessary messages and guidance for our personal growth. However, it is up to each individual to integrate and apply this information in their daily lives.

Intuitive Soul Reading can be conducted in person or remotely, as energy and connection transcend physical barriers. It is suitable for anyone seeking self-knowledge, expanded consciousness, clarity, and guidance on their life journey.


  • In Person

    +£1.93 service fee
  • Online

    +£1.65 service fee



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