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Intuitive Soul's Office

Shamanic Therapy (creating the magic doll)

120 minute private session Materials Included With Marta

Shamanic Therapy (creating the magic doll)
Shamanic Therapy (creating the magic doll)

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By Appointment

Intuitive Soul's Office, 6 King St, Frome BA11 1BH, Reino Unido

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Shamanic Therapy with Magic Dolls is a transforming path of inner healing that invites you to delve deeply into yourself in search of transformation and the manifestation of your dreams. During this unique and original therapy conceived by Marta, we will develop and deepen techniques that will help you understand your current situation and identify blockages that may be preventing your desires from coming true.
One of the essential parts of this therapy is creating your own magic doll. Through this process, we will materialize your intentions and give physical form to your goals. Together, we will work on designing and crafting the doll, using symbolic and sacred materials that represent your wishes and aspirations.
Each stage of creating the magic doll is an invitation to explore and release emotions, thoughts and beliefs that may be blocking the flow of your life. As we shape the doll, we will also shape her path to healing and fulfilling her dreams.
During therapy, we will use ancestral shamanic techniques, such as visualization, meditation and connection with nature and the 5 elements, to deepen your inner journey. These practices will help you awaken your intuition, recognize your gifts and unleash your full potential.
Shamanic Therapy with Magic Dolls is suitable for all people, regardless of age, gender or previous experience. No artistic skills are required, just your willingness to explore your inner world and create positive changes in your life.
This therapy is an opportunity to connect with ancestral wisdom and your own essence. By working with the magic dolls, we will be activating the power of manifestation and bringing your deepest intentions to life.
Get ready to embark on this journey of inner healing, self-knowledge and transformation. Book a Shamanic Therapy session with Magic Dolls and allow yourself to create significant changes in your life, making room for the manifestation of your most authentic dreams and desires.
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of your own creation and unlock the limitless potential that lies within you?

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