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Candle Massage

Based on tantric philosophy

Online workshop

This is an invitation for anyone who wishes to consciously explore their intimacy.

When you prepare a moment and space in which you will relate intimately with someone, what do you do?

Do you take care for the details?

Well... here you have an opportunity to learn something that will help you to create that intimate moment in which the touch and the involvement and exchange of energy will be something unforgettable.

We created this workshop based on the tantric philosophy to use as a technique and create that special moment at any time in your life!

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a philosophy of life, it is unity, it is shiva and shakti. It is ying and yang, it is pleasure, intimacy, desire, love, happiness and joy. Tantra is spirituality, a way of life that allows an opening and awakening, helping you to live a richer and more complete life in all areas of your life and in your relationships.

When you become more aware of your body, relationships and structures, you start to be more demanding with whom you can relate to intimately and with the way you relate to yourself. You no longer seek comfort on other people in order to suppress a lack or emptiness that you feel. We are all born with the masculine and feminine energies in us that must be balanced and activated according to the moments and situations.


We chose an incredible Massage Candle from Delicia Ray with essential oils of patchouli and ylan ylang, to stimulate sensuality, relaxation and awaken intimacy and sexual desire.

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